Forward-migratability over backwards compatibility - a proposal for update schematics in Python

Moving towards seamless updates across breaking APIs

An incredibly useful feature of the Angular CLI is ng-update, which provides a modification schematic for rewriting broken APIs as you upgrade across version of a library. The mechanism by which it works is that third party libraries provide a schematic with a special name, and then the ng-update command... [Read More]
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Flask best practices

Patterns for building testable, scalable, and maintainable APIs

I love Flask. It is simple and unopinionated. A consequence of this is that as you look to scale your Flask applications, there are an infinite number of ways you could choose to structure your application. Although there will always be a subset of developers who want to tinker with... [Read More]
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Demystifying Flattening Operators in RXJS without Code

What's the difference in switchMap, concatMap, mergeMap, and exhaustMap?

Like it or not, rxjs is a critical component of modern Angular development. Although it is perfectly possible to use Angular 2+ without using observables, you lose out on an enormous amount of functionality. The reactive pattern is extremely powerful, and once you get over the, admittedly rather high, learning... [Read More]
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