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Forward-migratability over backwards compatibility - a proposal for update schematics in Python

Moving towards seamless updates across breaking APIs

An incredibly useful feature of the Angular CLI is ng-update, which provides a modification schematic for rewriting broken APIs as you upgrade across version of a library. The mechanism by which it works is that third party libraries provide a schematic with a special name, and then the ng-update command... [Read More]

Demystifying Flattening Operators in RXJS without Code

What's the difference in switchMap, concatMap, mergeMap, and exhaustMap?

Like it or not, rxjs is a critical component of modern Angular development. Although it is perfectly possible to use Angular 2+ without using observables, you lose out on an enormous amount of functionality. The reactive pattern is extremely powerful, and once you get over the, admittedly rather high, learning... [Read More]